Street Photographer: Xyza Cruz Bacani

Xyza Cruz Bacani's journey thru photography is something worth sharing. Prior to becoming one of the best Street and Documentary Photographer, she was a domestic

Amazing Toy Photographer: playmmo (Lau Man Man)

Who else doesn't know about the Pixar film about a cowboy doll who is profoundly threatened and jealous when a new spaceman figure supplants him

Food & Drink

The Birthday Cake I Made for Myself.

Every year since I started baking in 2013, I make myself a birthday cake. No that is not sad. I have absolutely no problem with

Art & Design

17 Unorthodox Business Card Design Ideas

Go beyond the usual rectangular shaped business card design. The best thing about these kinds of designs is that it will be displayed on your

17 Baby Shower Invitation Design Ideas

Planning a Baby Shower, and you're on a budget? In case you have no idea of what looks like, don't you worry a bit. Just