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17 Unorthodox Business Card Design Ideas

Go beyond the usual rectangular shaped business card design. The best thing about these kinds of designs is that it will be displayed on your clients office desktop rather than be stuck inside their wallets along with other business cards that tends to be forgotten that it exists. So with these irregularly shaped cards, clients will surely recall your business as they would often see it.

JD Obedoza
Frustrated Graphic Artist. Frustrated Photographer. Frustrated Blogger.

22 thoughts on “17 Unorthodox Business Card Design Ideas

  1. I”ve been trying to come up with a unique business card design for my blog and this post really helped! These are all unique, yet professional.

  2. They all look so original and unique. I guess that’s what you want to achieve when giving your business cards as you want to be remembered! I really like the first one and the kails one! xx corinne

  3. These business card designs are so creative and inspirational . The next time I need to order business cards I know where I am going !

  4. Oh my gosh! These business cards are all so fabulous and unique. It’s hard to pick a favorite. Before I head to another conference I’ll need to print up more business cards. So I’ll keep this post in mind!

  5. This post has given me some ideas for my business cards. I love the idea of the non-traditional. This would make you stand out for sure!

  6. These are great business card ideas. I love how unique they are. I am thinking if redesigning my cards.

  7. Oh my goodness! The one with the paw prints is TOO cute!! I just recently re-did my business cards to a fold out option (2 creases) and they look SO much better!

  8. Love the unique designs! I personally would want to have my own business card design to echo my digital marketing profession – best way to showcase myself and leave a lasting impression!

  9. Wow, another creative idea on how to make calling cards! I love the idea of not having it just as card which normally stucks in the drawers or wallets of those we are giving.

  10. Those are such cool ideas and I plan to take a closer look. It is time for me to look for new business cards.

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