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Our favorite Music Icons in their LEGO form

While we all hate stepping on these bricks from hell, we can’t help but get amazed to see a LEGO version of our favorite music icons.

Maybe there’s a new internet rule on this. “If it exists, there’s a LEGO version of it.”

Take note that these are just customized versions. None of these are officially released and manufactured by LEGO.

Most of these music icons are from the 90’s and below. And my 11 years old daughter hardly ever recognizes or heard any of them. We imagine that the ones who customized these stuffs are in his/her 30s or 40s (maybe more). And could be statement that says these brick toys are not just for kids, but also for the kid at heart.

Image copyright belongs to their respective artists. Full credits to them.

So which ones are your favorite? Let us hear about it at the comments section below.

LEGO - Arctic Monkeys

LEGO - Backstreet Boys

LEGO - Beastie Boys

LEGO - Fall Out Boy

LEGO - Foo Fighters

LEGO - Freddie Mercury

LEGO - Green Day

LEGO - Guns N Roses

LEGO - Jimi Hendrix


LEGO - Kurt Cobain

LEGO - Led Zeppelin

LEGO - Metallica

LEGO - Napalm Death

LEGO - Nirvana

LEGO - No Doubt

LEGO - NSync

LEGO - Oasis

LEGO Pearl Jam

LEGO - Queen

LEGO - Radiohead

LEGO - Rage Against the Machine

LEGO - Rolling Stones

LEGO - Slayer

LEGO - Smashing Pumpkins

LEGO - Sonic Youth

LEGO - Sound Garden

LEGO - Spice Girls

LEGO - The Beatles

LEGO - The Clash

LEGO - The Cure

LEGO - The Doors

LEGO - Ramones

LEGO - The Smiths

LEGO - Tupac Shakur


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19 thoughts on “Our favorite Music Icons in their LEGO form

  1. They really make Lego everything now. I would love to get the Green Day Lego figures. These are all fantastic.

  2. My favourite has to be Tupac as he was a pioneer of rap and I love that he has been made into lego form! Such a cool selection of music icons x

  3. These band Legos are so cool. I love the Guns and Roses one the best I believe. The others are all so cool too. Thanks for sharing these awesome Legos.

  4. These are so cute! My favorite band when I was little was N’Sync and my sisters was Backstreet Boys! We were always rivaling! Just might have to get us a set! Thanks for sharing!

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