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Typography by: Pixolic Designs

As a frustrated graphic artist, I enjoy looking at typography. Especially the simplicity of this form of art.

Pixoloc Designs specializes in Logo Design, Advertiment Designs, and the likes. Founded by Rohan Kumar from India.

According to them:

PIXOLICDESIGNS is launched with a desire to create Best ever graphic designs and Modifications of old designing principles with today’s Modern Demands.

As we know the complexity in today’s graphics world, We Now Acts as an Solution to these variations and complexity. We focused on Fulfilling very Advanced Type of demands in Graphic Designing. Mr.Rohan Kumar ( founder & CEO) has a dream to build the very vast collection of Graphic Designing as well as to create a environment and inspiration for all new upcoming designers. PixolicDesigns is quite passionate to setting a new standard for graphic Designing.

Please do check out their other designs at: and behance.

Now, here’s some of what they can offer:

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