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Helpful SEO Tips for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s search result. The higher the rank of a page, the most likely it would appear on top of the search results. And the higher the page ranking, the more visitors it would receive from the search engine users. SEO results targets web search, image search, video search, etc.

Aside from just writing quality post/pages, there are a couple of tips on how to get your page/post get into search engines top result. That’s when understanding SEO comes in handy.

  • Use <h1> for Post Title

    The <h1> is an indicator of what the post/page’s primary topic. It is also said that the <h1> reinforces the core keyword(s) found in the title, description and the body. It is also highly recommended that the <h1> tag includes keywords that reflect the contents of the page.

  • Define the ALT attribute inside the <img> tag.

    Search engines do not interpret the content of image files. the text provided in the <img alt=””> attribute enables the site owner to provide relevant information to the search engine and to the end user. It is also helpful to viewers to know the content of the image if they have images disabled or if the image does not load properly. Make sure to include relevant texts to your image alt attribute

  • Titles should be 5 to 100 characters

    It may not provide viewers enough information on the topic if the title is too short. And search result may shorten it and the relevant keywords in your post may not be included if the topic is too long.

  • Indicate the Meta Language Information

    The Meta Language information is used to hint a viewer understand the intended language and country/region the page content applies to. For example, <meta http-quiv=”content-language” content=”en-us”> indicates that the page is in English and intended for the United States. You can also use <html lang=”en-us”> or <title lang=”en-us”>.

  • 300 Words or more

    The text should contain at least 300 words, which is the recommended minimum.

  • Following these tips does not automatically boost your page ranking and dramatically increase your website traffic, but it does have its merits.

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    21 thoughts on “Helpful SEO Tips for Beginners

    1. These are some great tips that I wish I had when I first started my website. SEO is so vital for websites.

    2. I have been looking all over for an easy to understand SEO post and I have finally found it. I have bookmarked it for later so I am able to come back to it.

    3. Wow thanks for the helpful info. I still have a lot to learn about SEO. New to blogger and still not great with all the Technical stuff. Learning process, I will save this post for future reference

    4. I heard that you should only have the Title as an H1 tag, only one H2 tag as the subtitle, and the other subheadings can be H3. I took a course and I hope what they shared in the course was correct.

    5. Good important inputs for SEO. The more the search is optimized the better the ranking will be. Important from an organic perspective.

    6. This is very helpful, I am learning always more about SEO, it’s a really important feature for a blog.

    7. These things are definitely important when you’re a blogger. You’ll be editing your site and adding information and that also means playing with the codes.

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