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Title Checkpoint: Top Keywords to Stay Away From

Writing about “trending” topics is a surefire way to get traffic to your website. No need to stress that out. It is a very effective strategy to attract users to your site. Effective keywords are the key for search engine optimization (SEO).

But have you ever considered that your topic title contains keywords that are not allowed in some networks? The problem there is that most network administrators are blocking them as they are considered “non-work related.”

Some visitors would try to sneak and peak through their mobile phones, while some may just try and visit them when they get home. No worries? You’d still get web traffic from them anyways?

But what if they forgot to visit your blog post? What if they got turned off. Then there’s the real problem there. Most visitors wouldn’t go the extra mile to check back on your link.

So we asked some network admins on what keywords they usually block. And here’s a list of the commonly blocked keywords. Refrain from using them in your topic, or only use them if it’s really necessary.

Keywords List:


Title Checkpoint:Proxy / Hack
Proxy sites are mainly used for visiting webpages that are blocked by network admins. So it’s very much logical that these same network admins would block the same keywords that would enable you to bypass their network filtering. Also, most proxy sites contains malwares and viruses which could infect the whole network.


Title Checkpoint: Sex/Nude/Porn
Any form of “matured” content is totally not acceptable. Yes, sex sells on the internet, and it is an extremely useful clickbait, but you could lose some traffic if you include this in your article title.


Title Checkpoint: Facebook / Youtube / Twitter
almost every company disallows visiting these kinds of social media channels as network users could distract the work environment.


Title Checkpoint: Movie
Consider using “Film” instead. Most companies wouldn’t want their subordinates to visit these kinds of sites as some offers illegal downloads of very large files.


Title Checkpoint: Game / Sports
Playing online games at work is a big “NO.” Checking out the latest sports news is also a big NO to some network administrators.


Title Checkpoint: Torrent
You downloading something illegal off the internet is something that your employer wouldn’t want to be a part of. And file sharing consumes too much bandwidth.

Did we miss anything? Add them up to the comments section.

JD Obedoza
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22 thoughts on “Title Checkpoint: Top Keywords to Stay Away From

  1. This is a really interesting post. I’ve never thought about that at all. Some are rather obvious of course, but words like “movie”, I never would have thought!

  2. Definitely good suggestions of keywords to avoid. A several of these are ones I wouldn’t naturally use, but others are keywords I happen to use often – I’ll have to be more careful in the future.

  3. This is so helpful! I am educating ladies how important it is to include positive keywords in their posts. I didnt think to look at these as suh

  4. As someone who is trying to build my SEO. I am so grateful for this post. This post helps me refrain from using words that might be an oh uh to my blog. <3

  5. I am trying to learn as much about SEO as possible so I found this post super helpful. I would have never expected some of these to make the list.

  6. Lol i hate rules and tend to break them, especially stigmas. i dont like being limited in anyway. while yes it can be unacceptable to use these keywords in the work environment, i would simply chose not to work in such a stifling place then…

  7. Wow i didnt know about listing some keywords with some common social media terms. Also I am really shocked about using the word movie I will try to tag it with the world film better.

  8. I didn’t know that these keywords were blocked from sites but it does make sense. It’s good to know these if you’re using SEO to gain traffic.

  9. wow…i know quite a few people who use social media sites in their titles because they think it would be a good look in search, interesting to learn that it has the opposite effect. Going to bookmark this post to refer back to it. Thank you for the information.

  10. This is a very interesting article. I hadn’t thought about the social media ones. I wonder if music also has a similar problem?

  11. I’ve actually taken a course in all things internet for my job and these are familiar – as crazy as some of them sound!
    Katja xxx

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