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Our favorite Music Icons in their LEGO form

While we all hate stepping on these bricks from hell, we can't help but get amazed to see a LEGO version of our favorite music icons. Maybe there's a new internet rule on this. "If it exists, there's a LEGO version of it." Take note that these are just customized versions. None

12 Creative Packaging Design Ideas for Fashion Items

Creative packaging design is an integral part of your business’ branding. Great packaging can instantly make a customer feel confident with their purchase, even before they unwrapped what’s inside. Air Jordan Triangle Aluminum Shoebox Concept design by Tomislav Zvonaric Tomislav Zvonaric designed this awesome new concept of triangular aluminum packaging for

Artist in Focus: Mauricio Abril

Mauricio Abril is probably one of the best artist out there. Who would have thought that a Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology degree holder from UCLA can draw better than any of us? "I see Marvel characters, I upvote!" Sorry (again) for the 9gag reference. Dont forget to follow him

Typography by: Pixolic Designs

As a frustrated graphic artist, I enjoy looking at typography. Especially the simplicity of this form of art. Pixoloc Designs specializes in Logo Design, Advertiment Designs, and the likes. Founded by Rohan Kumar from India. According to them: PIXOLICDESIGNS is launched with a desire to create Best ever graphic designs and Modifications of

Artist in Focus: Reinaldo Quintero

Reinaldo Quintero, has a very unique and interesting drawing style that captures everyone's attention. Especially geeks and nerds like us. This is because most of his artworks could be considered as "Not Safe For Work," or "Not Safe For Wife," or simply NSFW. He's from California, USA. Follow him on facebook