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Photoshop Action: Hard Lomo Action by blacklacestock

In search for something awesome, we came across this Hard Lomo Action by blacklacestock. This free Photoshop Action has been around the internet for quite sometime already. In fact, we’re really not the first one to be blogging this. But I bet none of them really bothered to try them.

What is Lomography (Lomo)? Lomography is style of pop photography based around the quirky cameras by the Austrian camera manufacturer known as Lomo. There are several camera types that fall under the lomography genre. Among some of the more popular, are the Diana and Holga. These cameras, and (all of them in the Lomo line) are usually poor technical cameras. They are inexpensive, plastic and often have light leaks, poor alignment of their lenses or other defects, which makes it a cool signature look.

Nowadays, with the help of modern cameras auto settings (such as auto color correct, auto white balance, auto exposure compensation, blah, blah, blah.. ) taking photos to perfection is definitely easier than it was before. And we can thank the digital era for that.

We can still achieve this so called “defect” effects with the help of photo enhancing application filters. There are several of such that can be found on the internet, but this PS Action got us curious as it has been featured by everyone. And again, most sites only feature them but did not bother testing them.

And that we’ll do. Much to our dismay, none of our own photos (on hand as of press time) worked out for this filter. It’s either this PS Action is not as good as advertised, or we have horrible photos and this PS Action can’t comprehend to the level of crappiness of our photos (on hand as of press time).

So in order to get a better review of this PS Action, we borrowed some of the photos of our favorite fashion photographer: Oliver Ian Ebol. You can check out most of his shots on Instagram (@nekrataal) and his website: . By the way, his shots are already fantastic as they were. Check out the images below.

Download link for this free PS Action can be found here. Go ahead and try it out with your photos and tell us what you think.

JD Obedoza
Frustrated Graphic Artist. Frustrated Photographer. Frustrated Blogger.

33 thoughts on “Photoshop Action: Hard Lomo Action by blacklacestock

  1. I had looked into photoshop actions for free a while back but I didn’t find anything I really liked. I must have missed this one which is totally cool!

  2. I’ve never heard of Lomography before, so I learned something new! I personally prefer pictures that aren’t edited.I love the look of the natural light pictures.

  3. This is very interesting, I’ve never actually heard of this tool in photoshop or the reason behind it. I kind of like the effect and may have to try this on some of my photos.

  4. It’s so cool to learn more about Lomo. I’ve never really thought about the origin before, thinking that it’s actually a lovely filter. Thanks for the cool facts!

  5. I’m not that great of a photographer, but I’m always working with photographers for my fashion shoots. I would love to try this style of photography.

  6. So cool! I feel like I can spend my entire life studying photoshop and I’ll still never master all of the functions! There are just so many awesome things you can do. Thanks so much for sharing!

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