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Shades Detonation HD Photoshop Brushes

Let’s say you took shots of your action figures while possed in action. And you need to add some special effects to make it more “actiony,” or realistic, or just to add spice into it, but you don’t know how.

Here’s something cool for you guys to try. For everyone who doesn’t have much experience using Adobe Photoshop. You can download some Photoshop Brush, and you can spice up your photo with just a few clicks away.

For this example, will be using this Detonation PS Brush from Ufuk Orbey, better known as “shadedancer619” from Turkey.

This PS Brush pack contains 6 HD Detonation Brushes.

Use your creativity and try these out on your photos.

Don’t forget to thank and follow shadedancer619. There’s more PS Brushes from him on his account.

JD Obedoza
Frustrated Graphic Artist. Frustrated Photographer. Frustrated Blogger.

21 thoughts on “Shades Detonation HD Photoshop Brushes

  1. This is cute. I wonder how many colors are in that color memo cube :)) The final photo is funny 🙂

  2. I’ve been researching Photoshop lately to work on t-shirt designs, but I have no idea where yo start. I’ll definitely be coming back to your page for pointers.

  3. I really need to try and get my head around Photoshop a little more, I have it on my computer but I’ve not played with it enough. I love the look of the brush in your pictures.

  4. I have been working on learning how to use Photoshop. There are so many fun effects you can do with it.

  5. Wow now i know you can do wonders with Photoshop. I tried using photoshop but cld not get anywhere, I am so jealous right now

  6. Photoshop seems really like a little magical tool. I should probably get a bit more into it as I currently have now idea!

  7. That’s a cool trick. Whoever discovered photoshop is a genius! I still need to work on my online photoshop study.

  8. These are so cool. I’ve never used custom brushes – just a stock that comes with Photoshop, but I know these would do a great job!

  9. The PS Brush pack sounds like an interesting way to start using Adobe Photoshop. This would be something I will have to try out for sure. It looks interesting and fun to use. Thanks for shairng the information.

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