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Street Photographer: Xyza Cruz Bacani

Xyza Cruz Bacani’s journey thru photography is something worth sharing. Prior to becoming one of the best Street and Documentary Photographer, she was a domestic helper in Hong Kong for at least 9 years. Her job was from cleaning her employer’s house in the morning, to taking care of her employer’s grandchildren who come over after school in the afternoon. Unlike many of her colleagues working abroad, she is very fortunate that her former employer fully supports her dreams and passions for photography.

Her then status in life does not hinder her of who she wants to be. Instead, it became a motivating factor of who she is right now. She was once a volunteer at a battered helper’s shelter during her day-offs. This is where she takes her photographic skills to document fellow domestic helper’s stories.

Armed with her great interest in photography since high school, she climbed her way to success and fulfilled her dreams of becoming a photographer. Her excellence in photography continuously earns her recognition from international media publications such as New York Times and CNN. She has participated in numerous photo exhibits, in groups and also her own solo photo exhibits.

To know more about here, follow her on facebook, instagram, and on her websites: and

Xyza’s portrait taken from, everything else is from her website. Image copyright belongs to their respective owners. Credits to them.

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  1. Yes! I’ve heard her story a way back. She was even featured in a magazine. And I was in awe by her story. It goes to show that we could reach our dreams if we really work on it. Her story is a beautiful inspiration and you wrote it well.

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