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17 Unorthodox Business Card Design Ideas

Go beyond the usual rectangular shaped business card design. The best thing about these kinds of designs is that it will be displayed on your clients office desktop rather than be stuck inside their wallets along with other business cards that tends to be forgotten that it exists. So with

Clash of Clans Art by Psihopat

Clash of Clans is an online game on iOS and Android phones and tablets. It's a strategic tower-defense type of game where you build your own castle based on your available defense materials. And raiding other castles to gain enough resources to upgrade your own troops and upgrade your defenses.

Amazing Toy Photographer: Awi Peking

Awi Peking is from Jakarta Indonesia. He started Toy Photography way back in 2014. He loves action figures, diecast figures, and model kits. He just loves posing his toys as if they were real, instead of just displaying them inside glass cabinets. Follow Awi on Instagram: @peking25.