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Librodo and Luko Image Sharpening Technique

Photoshop offers a variety of tools, filters, and masks that give you fine control over image sharpness (or blur). Sharpening enhances the definition of edges in an image. Whether your images come from a digital camera or a scanner, most images can benefit from sharpening. The degree of sharpening needed varies

Shades Detonation HD Photoshop Brushes

Let's say you took shots of your action figures while possed in action. And you need to add some special effects to make it more "actiony," or realistic, or just to add spice into it, but you don't know how. Here's something cool for you guys to try. For everyone who

Amazing Toy Photographer: sirdios

Another toy collector and toy photographer to follow on instagram, SIRDIOS from Brazil. We can't help but admire his artistic shots of his Marvel Action Figures. Follow him on instagram: @sirdios and on facebook.

Artist in Focus: Loc Nguyen

I'm a huge Spider-Man fan. And when I see Spider-Man, I upvote (sorry for the 9gag reference). Kidding aside, I've been following this guy on social media for years. I have to admit that I'm truly inspired by his art. This guy has been around the arts and design industry for

Amazing Toy Photographer: someday66

We couldn't get more info from someday66 at the moment, but we do enjoy looking at his photos of his toys. We'll update this post once we were able to reach him. Follow this amazing photographer from Bangkok, Thailand on instagram: @someday66 and twitter: @someday66

Amazing Toy Photographer: Awi Peking

Awi Peking is from Jakarta Indonesia. He started Toy Photography way back in 2014. He loves action figures, diecast figures, and model kits. He just loves posing his toys as if they were real, instead of just displaying them inside glass cabinets. Follow Awi on Instagram: @peking25.