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Meet the Cast – Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok will be out on November 2017. Before seeing this film, let's meet the cast of "Thor: Ragnarok" and see their works prior to this movie master piece. Thor: Ragnarok Cate Blanchett as Hela Cate Blanchett was from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy as Galadriel. Karl Urban as Skurge Karl Urban was also

Librodo and Luko Image Sharpening Technique

Photoshop offers a variety of tools, filters, and masks that give you fine control over image sharpness (or blur). Sharpening enhances the definition of edges in an image. Whether your images come from a digital camera or a scanner, most images can benefit from sharpening. The degree of sharpening needed varies

Amazing Toy Photographer: sirdios

Another toy collector and toy photographer to follow on instagram, SIRDIOS from Brazil. We can't help but admire his artistic shots of his Marvel Action Figures. Follow him on instagram: @sirdios and on facebook.